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DulenGroup is the exclusive distributor for Geo-Q, the first digital way to do Quality Assurance for liner installations.  It uses cloud technology to keep documents safe, organised and up to date at all times.  You will have decision making information at your fingertips, accessible from anywhere in the world, for all your sites.  It is being used increasingly worldwide because it always delivers a high quality end-result that adheres to any quality standards.

What makes Geo-Q great?

Cloud-based design

Since all data is captured online (or updated as soon as an internet connection is established), QA documents are up to date at any point in time, to all stakeholders.  The project data can be accessed from anywhere in the world, from any device, without any other external software downloads.  Consequentially it is possible to prepare before site visits and check on milestone completion to reduce time on site.  Since video and pictures can be uploaded decisions be made without being on site in person, should the need arise.  A collaborative project approach is supported, enabling the team to minimise disputes and build better cooperation and trust.  The platform also supports live chats that can be used as Minutes of Meeting.

Due to the immediate access to information, it is possible to immediately sign-off on the day’s work.  Hold points can be resolved immediately, or in a lot less time.  This also ensures that data packs are available immediately upon completion of the project, with only minimal editing required.  Since everything is available electronically, the number of hard copy data packs required is greatly reduced.

Any applicable quality standard can be applied

No room for interpretation of the quality standard means consistent results.  The number of non-conformance reports (NCR’s) can be greatly reduced, which means less time and money spent on rework.

Specific standards, check lists, hold points and stakeholders can be customised, so the QA of any unique project can be standardised.

Eliminate errors during data capturing

No room for data errors during installation means that even very complex installations can be executed and tracked without a lot of additional paperwork.  Good data furthermore enables the measurement and tracking for continuous improvement of business processes.  No garbage data reduces the need for document rework, ambiguous results and reduces installation errors.  Thorough auditing of the works is also and simple with good and well-organised data.

Development Currently Underway

Geo-Q is currently undergoing exciting new upgrades to further enhance its performance as an indispensable tool for anyone involved with liner installation QA/QC.  The upgrades as outlined below will be rolling out by the middle of 2018.

Auto population of CAD drawings

Contractor’s panel layout drawings can be uploaded into Geo-Q with each panel’s number included on the drawing.  Once information gets logged in the system, the drawings will be automatically populated with the panel placement measurements and seam log data.

GPS functionality

When working on site, GPS functionality will be used to orientate the user on the drawing.  Data pertaining to that location can then be opened by clicking on the drawing, making Geo-Q easy to use on large installation projects.

Compacted Clay Liner (CCL) QA standards to be incorporated

CCL installation is a civil application and therefore QA standards are typically different from geomembrane installations.  Geo-Q  will now be incorporating CCL QA standards so you can use the same system to manage the installation of your entire capping layer.


Geo-Q System Standards

The operational management acceptance process, testing and reporting requirements are based on the requirements of the current SANS 10409 (South African National Standards). The Standard can be changed to make provision for any Standard worldwide as well as project specific verification lists to meet the Client or Engineers requirement. The system inherently makes the linking of notes, images and files possible to any detailed data.

The system also makes provision for customization of reporting for executive staff. Additional features under development will be added as they become available. Project references can be supplied on request.

The following minimum features are standard with the current release:

  • Organization setup
  • Registration of Project detail
  • Project Operations Management: Production is monitored via QCP (Quality Control Procedure) report and the recording and approval of various installation activities.
  • Reporting both daily and cumulatively for QA planning and execution.
  • Corporate and project customization
  • Data security

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